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I know Whangarei by Heart

As a top-ranking Whangarei real estate agent, I have excellent local market-knowledge that can give you unique insights about the area you desire. My expertise comes from over 15 years of experience in the Whangarei NZ property market.

As a premier real estate service based in the Whangarei district, my skills and support services can give you the needed flexibility to meet your real estate demands. My goal is to show the best of the Whangarei real estate market and what it has to offer.

As a real estate professional, I know what’s current and what’s driving the Whangarei real estate market- whether you are looking to buy, sell or looking to invest on an up-and-coming property, I’ll help you find your dream property in Whangarei.

The Louise Payne touch is all about bespoke customer service to better guide clients through each real estate transaction. I’ll be there every step of the way.

An Eye on the Real Estate Market

The real estate market is always in flux, I know the trends and the market indicators that can change and drive up prices. I also give the changing needs and tastes of consumers much thought and consideration.

Get Valuable Advice on Real Estate Financing

Mortgage and financing can be such a complex process to deal with, but you need not worry, I'll help you understand what's needed and assist you in finding the right lender so you can purchase that beautiful home in reasonable terms.

Great Negotiations Skills

I can do a tough hustle. Real estate transactions are stressful enough as it is, but you can trust New Zealand real estate agent Louise Payne (that’s me) when it comes to negotiations. My negotiating skills are attuned to what appeals best to property owners around Whangarei. I intend to meet your favourable target price for the Whangarei property you plan to sell or buy. As a successful real estate expert, I have helped hundreds of property owners, sell and purchase homes and properties. My success can be seen through the numbers I bring through all the properties sold and the many homes I've represented.

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I cover many locations in Whangarei such as the marvelous areas of Kamo and Tikipunga.

Come Live your Dreams at Kamo

Historically, Kamo once was an old coal-mining town. Now, many of its large open spaces have been developed into contemporary residential living areas.

I have proudly served the Kamo area for over 15 years, and call this home. Kamo is a fast developing thriving community with many gorgeous neighborhoods overlooking beautiful natural landscapes.

Kamo is a hidden gem with its own unique character that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, unlike other Whangarei districts. 

Take a Chance at Tikipunga

Whatever you are searching for in a homely district, Tikipunga has it.

Tikipunga has a range of the nicest homes in the Whangarei area from modern starter homes to impressive luxury properties. People move to Tikipunga primarily to upgrade their home living space, as most homes in Tikipunga have elegant and sizeable lots. But what’s so charming about it is the rich surrounding scenery of nature trails plus the iconic Whangarei falls which is hard to miss. Not to mention, there’s quick, convenient access to a variety of local businesses from restaurants, bars, shopping centres, pharmacies, cafes, and other community conveniences which is all just a short drive away. Tikipunga is a fast-growing popular district I always get inquiries about, and if you need a quick tour of the area, let me show you around. 

Personally, I always strive that my clients get the best appraisal for their property. You can rely on me to achieve the best result for your property, get in touch today!

Here's what my clients are saying


Easy to understand fee structure

For a surprising 2.95% on sales up to $370,000* and 1.5% thereafter excluding GST, Louise’s results speak for themselves!
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*Minimum fee $6,000

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Stay up to date with my latest news and listings.


Stay up to date with my latest news and listings.